Using the power of coaching to inspire neurodiverse people to transform their lives 

Our mission is to inspire a world to embrace neurodiversity


Why this platform is urgently needed


High correlation between neurodiversity & mental health condition

15% of the population is neurodiverse



8x likely to be unemployed if you are neurodiverse

 Services for Individuals

Curated 6-week courses for ADHD and Dyslexia. A fun and safe environment to unlock your potential

Coaching for Adults

ADHD  and 
career coaching for neurodiverse individuals

Group coaching

Coaching for Children 

ADHD coaching to support children understand and manage their ADHD

Services for Businesses

We can help you support your neurodiverse workforce by designing bespoke workshops to suit your organisations needs

Bespoke Workshops 


A story can do wonders to change opinions on what it means to be neurodiverse. Need a neurodiverse speaker for an event? We can help with that

Support hub

Don't have resources to support your neurodiverse employees? We can help provide the support needed through resources and support groups

Got questions? Want to join us on the journey? Feel free to contact us 


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