Using the power of coaching to inspire neurodiverse people to transform their lives 

Our mission is to inspire a world to embrace neurodiversity


Why this platform is urgently needed


High correlation between neurodiversity & mental health condition

15% of the population is neurodiverse



8x likely to be unemployed if you are neurodiverse

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Kim was diagnosed with dyslexia and ADHD late as an adult and was shocked by the lack of support for neurodiverse people not only in the health system but also in organizations. 

Her experiences led her to start Own Your Flair, a movement with the mission to empower neurodiverse people to bring their authentic selves to the world. 

Kim is a certified ADHD coach and is focused on improving access to support in marginalised communities.  Because getting help for your neurodiversity shouldn't be a privilege. 

A natural entrepreneur and multipotentialite, Kim is researching how tech can increase access to support for neurodiverse people. So far, she has explored the use of AI, no-code and VR for the purpose of educating neurodiverse people on their neurodiversity and skills. 

Kim To

 Services for Individuals

Curated 6-week courses for ADHD and Dyslexia. A fun and safe environment to unlock your potential

Coaching for Adults

ADHD  and 
career coaching for neurodiverse individuals

Group coaching

Studies have shown that ADHD coaching improves executive functioning and improved wellbeing

It empowers the individual and is goal orientated


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Services for Businesses

"Neurodiversity is the competitive advantage that all businesses need to succeed in the knowledge economy"

"Benefits from neurodiversity for organisations in terms of diversity of thought is more direct, because neurodiverse people are wired differently from "neurotypical"people so they may bring new perspectives to a company"

HBR (2017)

Bespoke Workshops 

Disability and neurodiversity are complex topics but we can help you develop bespoke workshops to your specific organizational needs.

Previous workshops have included introducing neurodiversity to the firm via a mix of engaging story telling whilst making the session educational and interactive. 

Kim uses her extensive knowledge of neurodiversity and her passion for data-driven research  when designing workshops. 

Neurodiversity Consultancy

Kim brings her extensive experience in management consulting and data-driven research to help your businesses with improving systems, processes and environments for disabled and neurodiverse employees to thrive.

This is important for D&I initiatives to include disabled and neurodiversity which accounts for 20% of the population