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Neurodiversity Lunch & Learn

Neurodiversity is a concept that is gaining more attention in the workplace. Flair is excited to introduce a lunch and learn session that will provide an introduction to neurodiversity. The session will feature a speaker who will share their personal experiences with navigating neurodiversity in the workplace and getting a late diagnosis. We hope this session will encourage people to open up their biases about neurodiversity and create a more inclusive workplace.

Why book a Lunch & Learn?

  • Low commitment way to introduce neurodiversity for the first time in your organisation 

  • Open to everyone whatever the level of knowledge or understanding of neurodiversity 

  • Encourages reflection on own biases with neurodiversity

  • Opens up discussions in a relaxed environment about neurodiversity

  • All content is tailored to the client and organizations needs and objectives (i.e.we do not recycle content) 

  • Sessions are engaging with break out rooms and polls used to maximise interactions 

What a typical lunch & learn looks like

  • 1-hour session (in person OR online OR hybrid)

  • 35 minutes delivery of the presentation, storytelling often involving (what is neurodiversity 101, adult late diagnosis, routes to diagnosis, accommodations at work)

  • 15 minutes discussion Q&A/ polls/ break out roo

  •  5 minutes wrap

  • Slides, recording and resources will be shared )included in price)

Our Services


Initial call with client

Kim will schedule a 30-minute call with the client to discuss their objectives and current status with neurodiversity. During the call, they will agree on the scope, date, and price of the project.


Content approval

Kim is committed to creating a successful lunch and learn event by incorporating the client's objectives and considering the audience's needs and awareness level. The content and flow of the event will be carefully crafted and sent to the client for approval.



Kim is an expert in weaving statistics, research, personal experiences, and storytelling into her lunch and learn sessions. After the session, she will share the slides and resources with you. We hope you enjoy the session and find it informative.


 A flat fee of £750 ex. VAT (for  online delivery) will be charged for the 1 hour session 

An in person session will be £1000 ex VAT


Contact Kim to discuss if a neurodiversity Lunch and learn is off interest to you! 

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