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Neurodiversity Audit

This is the starting point for most organizations looking to start their neuro-inclusive journey. It is a quick, low-risk way of getting a third-party expert view on current processes at the organization. 

What, why, when? 


Initial scoping discussions

Kim will have relevant discussions with the stakeholders to understand the scope of the audit. This includes agreeing on the key business areas and agreeing on audit timelines.


Analyse existing data and collect information

Existing D&I data is analysed and any other available data. Interviews will be set up with key relevant people to understand processes and policies currently in place. Focus groups may be set up and surveys. 


Audit report and reccomendations

The audit report will be written and recommendations will be presented. Kim will then have extensive discussions with stakeholders involved to talk about the recommendations and next steps in implementation stage should the company wanted to invest in implementation. 

Why use Own Your Flair? 

  • Kim is a seasoned management consultant with a background in diverse industries, including public and private sectors, gained during her tenure at PwC. With a robust understanding of business processes and policies, she brings invaluable expertise to the table.

  • As a neurodivergent individual, Kim offers firsthand insight into navigating organizational dynamics from a neurodivergent perspective. Her personal experiences enrich her ability to advocate for inclusive practices and support neurodiverse employees effectively.

  • Complementing her professional experience, Kim holds a background in social science and investment, equipping her with a well-rounded skill set, including proficiency in mixed research methods. This diverse expertise enables her to offer strategic insights and solutions that drive organizational success while promoting inclusivity and diversity.



Light Tough Audit

  • Initial scoping conversations 

  • Limited interviews

  • Data analysis and surveys 

  • Delivery of the neurodiversity and disability and audit report and recommendations 

£750 ex. VAT

Comprehensive Audit

  • Initial scoping conversations

  • Comprehensive interviews with people in different apartments

  • Data analysis and surveys

  • Workshops and focus groups

  • Delivery of the neurodiversity and disability and audit report and recommendations 

£1200 ex. VAT


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