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Working with
LSE Generate



LSE Generate

2022 to 2023

Kim is currently working closely with LSE Generate
(the entrepreneurship hub and accelerator at the London School of Economics and Political science) as part of the development of the Disability and neurodiverse community cluster. 


Kim's role as Lead of the DNA (disability, neurodiversity and ability programme) is develop and run a programme with the aim to engage and develop disabled and neurodiverse entrepreneurs. 

We need to make Entrepreneurship more inclusive


If you are interested in how to make your entrepreneurship offering more inclusive to disabled and neurodiverse people, please do get in touch with me. 

When I embarked on my journey of exploring the tech entrepreneurship world, I realized fast that there was a severe lack of support for disabled and neurodiverse entrepreneurs. 

I found it hard to find the mentors that I needed. 

I found it hard to build networks in the tech world. 

I found it hard to find investors interested in my idea. 

I found it hard to build my social capital to help me succeed. 

Out of my frustrations, I wrote a scathing blog post how I thought the venture capital world was failing disabled and neurodiverse founders. 

I now work closely with LSE Generate to develop their support offering for disabled and neurodiverse founders. I am excited to work on this project to improve outcomes for my community in the entrepreneurship world. 

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