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Group Coaching

Our mission is to make support for neurodiverse people accessible and inclusive


Cohort based programmes

You can ask your workplace to fund this
as part of your training and development benefit


We believe in the power of cohort-based learning as it offers a safe place for shared learning and is also affordable compared to individual coaching.
All our programs have a strength-based approach and will be facilitated by trained coaches. 


Unlocking ADHD


6-week program for £100
*Works out as £17 per session

Topics covered:

  • Discover strengths

  • How to advocate for yourself

  • Managing money

  • Improving executive functions

  • Habits and accountability 

  • Living closer to your authentic self

Owning Dyslexia 


6-week program for £100
* Works out as £17 per session 

Topics covered:

  • Understand your dyslexia and how to harness its strengths

  • How to advocate for yourself

  • Practical strategies for work and home

  • Using technology to help you work smarter 



  • Learn about your neurodiversity with science-based content and facilitated coach

  • Explore your neurodiversity in a safe and nurturing environment

  • Connect with others on their journey of self-discovery

  • Group coaching is significantly cheaper and more fun with others!

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