We have big goals to build the first platform that is going to empower neurodiverse people to thrive in a world that was not built for us


Providing practical support via coaching, workshops and information

Getting support for your neurodiversity shouldn't be a privilege




CEO & Founder

A practicing certified ADHD coach and yogi.

Kim was diagnosed with dyslexia and ADHD as an adult which helped explain why she was suffering from depression and burnout regularly. 

Having felt frustrated at the lack of support for neurodiverse people, Kim wants to build a platform to empower neurodiverse people to manage their health and navigate the working world. 

The vision is for Own Your Flair to be the go-to platform for supporting neurodiverse individuals in workplaces. 

She has two cats and enjoys taking part in drama classes. 

Kim is a public speaker on neurodiversity, you can listen to some of the panels she has been on below