15% of the population is neurodiverse
so are your employees 

Supporting neurodiverse employees increases creativity and diversity of thought in a team

Unsupported neurodiverse employees are at greater risk of developing a mental health issues 

Neurodiverse employees are supported by the law 

The Equality Act 2010

How we can help

Business Meeting

Bespoke neurodiverse workshops

We recognize that all organizations are different so we aim to make our workshops tailored to your organisation's needs. 

Examples of tailored workshops:

  1. How to foster an inclusive environment for neurodiverse employees

  2. Practical skills to support neurodiverse employees 

  3. Positive parenting for neurodiverse families 

  4. Manager awareness training

We aim to make the workshops interactive and will provide digital resources for participants.

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Support Group

Neurodiverse support hub 

Not all organisations have the resources or expertise to support their neurodiverse employees. That is why we have developed a resource hub so that your neurodiverse employees can be supported by partnering with us. 

We want to make it easier for your organization to support neurodiverse employees

We have created an online support hub where your employees can gain access to resources, coaching, and support group sessions. This support is provided to you at a yearly cost depending on the size of your organisation. 

The support hub is available for your employees to use all year around. 


Neurodiverse inspirational Speakers

Often one of the most powerful ways to raise awareness about neurodiversity in an organization is to listen to a real-life story of someone living with neurodiversity. 

Need speakers for a neurodiversity, diversity, or inclusion event? 

We can help provide a neurodiverse speaker to suit your event needs. We have a diverse network of neurodiverse speakers and advocates to tap into. 


Financial Advisor

Neurodiverse consultancy 

Did you know that neurodiverse and disabled employees account for 20% of the workforce on average? (higher for creative and tech industries) 

D&I initiatives often forget to accommodate the needs of disabled people (80% of whom are invisible). 

We want to make it easier for your organization to support neurodiverse employees

We provide advisory services for start-ups and SMEs who are conscious of laying the groundwork for inclusive support for neurodiverse and disabled employees.

All recommendations will be data-driven and  tailored 

Companies we have worked with:


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