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15% of the population is neurodiverse
so are your employees 

Supporting neurodiverse employees increases creativity and diversity of thought in a team

Unsupported neurodiverse employees are at greater risk of developing a mental health issues 

Neurodiverse employees are supported by the law 

The Equality Act 2010

Business Meeting

Neurodiversity Training 

Kim recognized from her interactions with  organisations that there is a lack of awareness about what neurodiversity. 

Neurodiversity is complex, but it is crucial that organisations understand what is neurodiversity and how to support and engage neurodiverse staff and clients. 

Kim has worked with both public and private organisations by providing tailored neurodiversity training. 

Examples of tailored workshops:

  1. How to foster an inclusive environment for neurodiverse employees

  2. Practical skills to support neurodiverse employees 

  3. Positive parenting for neurodiverse families 

  4. Manager awareness training

Kim aims to make the workshops interactive and will provide digital resources for participants.

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Kim is very transparent with her pricing. She charges by the hour. 

A one-hour bespoke workshop on average costs £700+ 

She also runs workshops for charities on a pro-bono basis. 


Engagement with


Kim was approached by Pollinate, a global fintech company named as one of the top 15 UK future unicorns to watch.  

The HR leaders at Pollinate recognised that there was a high percentage of neurodiverse employees at the firm and recognised the importance of engaging and supporting them. 


Public speaking


To first introduce the topic of neurodiversity, Kim gave a presentation at a lunch and learn event. In this presentation, she outlined her journey of being diagnosed with dyslexia and ADHD as an adult. She also shared her knowledge on what the various neurodiverse conditions were and shared resources. 


How parents can support neurodiverse children?


Kim was invited back to deliver a workshop. HR had noticed in the lunch and learn that many employees had disclosed they had neurodiverse children. Kim was asked to deliver a presentation and share resources to help equip parents with supporting their neurodiverse children. 




Contact Kim and submit your resquest


Book in a prospect call to discuss the brief 


Kim will submit a proposal of the work to be done and estimate cost


Confirm details of the engagement

Download business services pitch


Kim designs and runs training programmes catering to business needs around neurodiversity training. Download the prospectus to see key workshops and prices. 

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