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Neurodiversity Training for Managers (2 hours)

Welcome to our 2-hour training session for managers who are new to neurodiversity. In this session, we will provide you with tips and tools to understand how you can support neurodivergent colleagues and teams in a hybrid working culture. We will cover topics such as communication strategies, workplace accommodations, and creating an inclusive environment. By the end of this session, you will have a better understanding of how to support and empower your neurodivergent team members.

What is neurodiversity manager training?

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Why invest in neurodiversity manager training?

  • Enhances Leadership Skills: Neurodiversity training equips managers with a deeper understanding of diverse perspectives, enabling them to lead more effectively and inclusively.

  • Improves Communication: Managers gain insights into different communication styles and preferences, enabling them to adapt their approach and foster better relationships with neurodiverse team members.

  • Increases Employee Engagement: By creating an inclusive environment where all team members feel valued and understood, managers can boost employee morale and engagement levels.

  • Strengthens Team Dynamics: Managers who understand neurodiversity can leverage the unique strengths of each team member, leading to more cohesive and high-performing teams.

  • Reduces Conflict and Misunderstandings: With increased awareness of neurodiversity, managers can proactively address potential misunderstandings and conflicts, fostering a more harmonious work environment.

  • Enhances Problem-Solving Abilities: Neurodiversity training encourages managers to embrace diverse perspectives, leading to more innovative and effective problem-solving approaches within their teams.

  • Supports Career Development: Managers who are knowledgeable about neurodiversity are better equipped to provide tailored support and development opportunities for neurodiverse team members, ultimately fostering their professional growth and advancement.


My name is Kim To

Certified ADHD Coach, Neurodiversity consultant, and trainer
Ex. management consultant at PwC, equity researcher (finance) 

 I bring a unique perspective to the table. With experience working in top corporate companies and as a management consultant at PwC, I have the skills and knowledge to help managers understand the real conflicts and struggles of neurodivergent people. I am an engaging facilitator and use my experience as a neurodiversity coach to provide authentic insights during training sessions.

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Invest in neurodiversity today

All training workshops will be designed bespoke to client needs. 

The pricing range is from £1500-£2000 (Ex. VAT) 

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