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Why is a holistic approach to managing ADHD important?

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

I am building Flair because I want it to be the place for content that addresses ADHD holistically.

What is a holistic approach to ADHD? In plain language, it's looking at ADHD from many angles and using techniques and knowledge from different disciplines to address it.

When I was on my journey of understanding ADHD, I realised that there were so many factors that can affect our ADHD. Yet what I learnt from ADHD coaching was very CBT focused. This is great, but I think there is a lot to be gained from introducing different disciplines to managing ADHD.

What sort of topics would Flair introduce?

Addressing trauma and ADHD is something that conventional ADHD coaching does not touch on. The reason is that we are trained to bring the client to focus on the present and the future. Talking about trauma would only bring us to the past. However, I believe trauma can hold people back from managing their ADHD. I strongly believe that trauma is a topic that needs to be addressed in order for clients to look forward.

Calming the nervous system via meditation and yoga As a practising yogi and (occasionally) meditator, I realise the importance of this training to the holistic management of ADHD. ADHDers have very sensitive nervous systems, which means learning how to manage them is crucially important. Flair aims to bring this knowledge and access to these disciplines to the users.

Other topics in exploration would be psychedelics and Chinese traditional medicine

I strongly believe that to address any health condition, a holistic approach is needed and I am eager to explore many areas of disciplines and make that available to the community.

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