ADHD Coaching Children 8+

How can ADHD coaching help my child?

Has your child:

  • Been diagnosed with ADHD? 

  • Is struggling at school at the moment because of being distracted?

  • Is your child having outbursts and easily irritated?

  • Is your child struggling to get their homework in on time?

    If you have said yes to some of these questions, then ADHD coaching can help your child. 


Outdoors Tutoring

ADHD coaching can help your child put systems in place to help them thrive. This can help them build confidence and increase self esteem as they learn to manage their ADHD better. 

Our mission is to make support for neurodiverse people accessible and inclusive


Mobile Phone

Set up a 30 minute
Chemistry Call 

A chemistry call is a 30 minute call which explores your motivation for ADHD coaching and allows you to ask questions

How it works

                  £60 per hour of coaching


Coaching conducted via Zoom
In-person coaching will incur an additional fee to cover the cost and time of transport 

Includes comprehensive notes
and worksheets

Parents will get briefed on progress of child


Decide on terms
of engagement

Meet the coaches


Kim To

Certified ADHD Coach 

Founder and CEO of Own Your Flair

Top 50 neurodivergent women 2022

About me

After being diagnosed as an adult, I trained as a coach at the International ADHD Center - the only two places that provide certified ICF-level ADHD coach training.

I have mentored students with neurodiversity and have always been amazed at their creative ability. I take my time to give them the space for them to explore their neurodiversity and understand what motivates them. Using this knowledge, I help them to understand their strengths and to create systems that will help them improve their executive functioning.