What is it? Does it work?

Image by Miguel Bruna

An ADHD life coach

is trained to help adults and children with ADHD to understand how ADHD affects them and to support them in developing solutions to manage it. An ADHD coach uses techniques like mindful listening and CBT techniques to help clients. 

What are the goals?

  1. To help you understand how ADHD affects you

  2. To change your behaviour and habits

  3. To develop accountability with yourself 

  4. To build strategies to help you with your functioning 

  5.  To help change your mindset/ or blockers 

  6. To identify your future goals 

  7. To empower you to develop solutions 

  8. To work with you to build resilience 

  9. To improve your executive functioning skills

  10. To focus and build on your strengths

Does it work?

Research has been conducted on college students who received ADHD coaching. The results showed that coaching supports improved ADHD symptoms and executive functioning. 

Emerging studies have shown that ADHD coaching helps improve functioning in people across the age span. There were improvements in executive functioning but also improvements in self-esteem and well-being.

Interaction with ADHD medication

Taking medication is an individual choice. The good thing is that ADHD coaching can be used as a complementary intervention for people taking medication or not.