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Service for Individuals

We believe that through coaching, neurodiverse individuals can unlock their full potential through the process of self discovery and awareness


6 week programmes

Unlock ADHD
Owning your dyslexia

Person Participating in Video Call
Group Coaching

A cost effective and fun way to learn with others in a safe and accepting environment. All sessions are facilitated by a trained coach. 

We have developed 2 cohort based programmes for ADHD and dyslexia. 

Ideal for people who want to learn more about their neurodiverse conditions in a structured way. Develop your self-awareness in a safe environment and make friends. 

ADHD coaching Adults

Therapy session
ADHD coaching for Adults

Coaching offers the opportunity to get tailored support for your needs.  

We provide ADHD coaching for adults who want tailored support to understand their ADHD and how to manage it.

A coach can help with: improving executive functioning,  forming habits and accountability 

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