Approximately 4% of the population have ADHD. However, only 10% of those diagnosed have access to treatment. 

We want to build the first holistic health care platform for people with ADHD to access a range of services such as ADHD coaching, yoga, meditation classes etc.  Flair wants to make managing your ADHD easier by having all the key services accessible and inclusive.  



CEO & Founder

A practicing ADHD coach and acupuncturist in training. Having felt burnt out in her finance job, she was diagnosed with ADHD.

She realised there was a lack of access and inclusivity in ADHD coaching. She has adopted yoga and meditation to help her ADHD and realised that ADHD management requires a holistic approach beyond coaching and medication.

Her vision for Flair to be the healthcare platform to access a range of services to manage your ADHD.

She has two cats and enjoys participating in drama classes.