Why is Flair going to focus on women, non-binary and PoC communities?

Hi reader!

My name is Kim, and I am the founder of Flair. I am working on an App that will upskill everyone to become their own ADHD coach.

What is going to make Flair different is I have focused on content for women, non-binary and PoC (people of colour).

Why focus on women?

I choose to focus on these groups because ADHD research is gender-biased. As we know, women are 4x less likely to be diagnosed with ADHD. By choosing to focus content on addressing women's needs, I am trying to address an inequality that has hindered many ADHD women from achieving their potential.

Why focus on people of colour? Based on my experience of training as an ADHD coach and living with ADHD, there is a severe lack of representation in ADHD experts. ADHD transcends race, culture and sex, but unfortunately, there is still a long way to go in terms of research that accounts for different minority groups and representation from the experts in the field.

Is Flair being exclusionary? Absolutely not. By focusing on marginalised communities in terms of breadth of content, Flair is actually being more inclusive. I welcome men to use Flair to learn about women and ADHD because it can only benefit us all when we consume content that helps us become more aware of other minorities groups experiences.

So men can use the app, right?

Of course, the vision is for Flair to have inclusive content for everyone.

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