Can I really learn to be my own ADHD coach?

I am building Flair based on the belief that with knowledge and guided practice, anyone can learn to be their own ADHD coach. I truly believe that knowledge and awareness can unlock our ability to learn how to manage our ADHD throughout our lives.

What is ADHD Coaching? Based on my experience practising as an ADHD coach, I see it as somewhere between therapy and coaching. An ADHD coach would be versed in the neuroscience of how ADHD works and help clients understand how their ADHD may affect them. We use tools and frameworks to help clients come up with their own solutions to their own challenges. We try to awaken accountability and awareness in our clients

How would Flair teach me to be my own ADHD coach? Flair would have curated learning journeys to first help you build awareness behind the neuroscience of ADHD. This will be done through a mix of videos, audio and text content. Next, Flair will introduce you to frameworks and techniques to help you develop your own solutions to your challenges. Community learning is important. In the App, you will communicate with fellow learners to share advice, techniques and to hold each other accountable for practising the techniques that you have learnt.

Can I use this Flair for life? The vision is for Flair to give you access to content and training so you can use Flair as your companion for your life journey of understanding your ADHD and fulfilling your potential. I plan to support you on your journey by developing content that will cater to the lifecycle of a person with ADHD. For example, from learning how to manage your studies with ADHD to becoming a mother with ADHD, we want to be with you on your journey.

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