ADHD Coaching Adults

What is ADHD coaching?

ADHD coaching helps clients understand how ADHD affects them. Coaches work with clients to develop strategies to help clients reach their goals. It is forward-looking and outcome-orientated. 

Research has shown that ADHD coaching has a significant impact on people with ADHD. 

The Research

Our mission is to make support for neurodiverse people accessible and inclusive


Did you know?
You can get ADHD coaching paid for via Access to work (UK Residents only). Or get your workplace to pay for it as part of training and development


How it works

Mobile Phone

Set up a 30 minute
Chemistry Call 

A chemistry call is a 30 minute call which explores your motivation for ADHD coaching and allows you to ask questions

Gift Box

After the chemistry call, you will need to decide how often you want to meet your coach.

Coaching for 55 minutes is priced at £50 an hour. This includes notes and worksheets  


Decide on the
coaching package

Meet the coach


Kim To

Certified ADHD Coach 

Founder and CEO of Own Your Flair

Top 50 neurodivergent women 2022

About me

After being diagnosed as an adult, I trained as a coach at the International ADHD Center - the only two places that provide certified ICF level ADHD coach training.

I realized I needed to learn how my brain worked in order to truly thrive in a neurotypical. I want to make ADHD coaching accessible to everyone because coaching changed how I viewed my neurodiversity. 


What I love about ADHD coaching is seeing my clients recognize their unique strengths and come up with creative solutions to their difficulties.